Sharon on Cancer


Cancer is a HUGE, HUGE topic. There are all types of cancers and all stages of cancer and many, many contributing factors, and there are people using conventional medicine and some using different alternatives. Some of the things that may help one person may be wrong for someone else. Of course, if someone is in stage 2 then I feel that with lifestyle changes and shifts in psychology and spirituality that this can merely be a 'wake-up call'. For later staged cancers, these may never go completely away, but may be kept at bay for what seems indefinitely as a person lives a full life span.


I feel that in order to address this topic, one needs to understand the contributing factors in cancer, as we know them. From 1995-2005 I did a form of biofeedback that allowed me to locate markers indicating some of these contributing factors. Along this time I read Dr. Hulda Clarke's book "The Cure For All Diseases".


While she ultimately died of a disease making a mockery of the grandiose title of her book, her findings were similar to my own. However, serendipitously I found other potentially disease contributing markers that Hulda's work didn't have access to, which seem to be as important as the ones she and I agree on.


The factors we agree on have to do with pathogens and toxins. She determined that either one or the other, and in most cases both factors were always found in her test subjects. My work found the same thing.


What I also found were energy blockages that created areas of void where my equipment was unable to get readings but where trouble appeared to reside. The reasons for these energy blockages seemed to vary. The easiest marker for me to identify appeared as emotional/psychological markers developed in childhood or during a traumatic event. It seems that when we attempt to avoid dealing with something that has a charged energy, there is a physical correlation to the body.


Massage therapists know this too and call it "deep issue therapy". For those who want to be truly healthy, I suggest they learn to open to these issues and find ways of processing and transmuting them. This is called Personal Alchemy. The more a person can do this inner work, the more energy will flow to these previously cut off areas and then the intensity of dysfunction to the corresponding physical organs and tissues will ease.


Now, we know ORMUS is a huge contributor to self discovery if we choose to use it in this way. If we couple this with other useful tools then this is a great way to purge and transmute buried or hidden blockages, and to move energy into previously blocked locations.


In my research, there appeared to be some physical reasons for these energy blockages as well and it seemed, in many cases, that hormones were at the source of these causes. I suspect there were other reasons but I wasn't able to identify what these other factors were. In some cases pathogens and toxins seemed to create a wall that blocked energy as well.


But eliminating these factors did not see a great sweep of free energy as you might imagine happening when a dam breaks and the water floods out. My assessment is that the collection of pathogens and toxins in certain locations is opportunistic in nature. This suggests that while we can, with hard work, clear up pathogens and toxins, as long as the blockage remains it cause problems.


With regards to hormones, I was fortunate to have heard an interview with the authors of a landmark book titled Our Stolen Future. This came to me at the early stage of my biofeedback research and because of what I learned through this book I began to identify what appeared as toxins in the body.


The crux of the information in this book is the many ways in which toxins are so pervasive in our lives that there is no place on earth and no human on earth that is prestine. We have lost the ability to have a control group because there are no animals or humans who are not afflicted by these toxins. And when I say 'afflicted' I'm not suggesting that someone can cleanse these out of the body.


They are introduced in utero and affect which genes are switched on or off. What we hope people do is to dramatically slow accumulating more of these, to the best of their ability. The most important thing we can do in our lifetime is to share this information and point out resources to women of childbearing age, as well as help children make wise choices. To me, this is the most noble of all life missions as this will help future generations and the fate of the human species.


When we talk about the increase in diseases, such as cancer, we still think in terms of 'controllables' such as not smoking, using herbs, avoiding certain foods and increasing other foods. What I'm suggesting is that human-race is on a course where our very DNA is altered in ways that fewer and fewer controllables will work and the effectiveness is dramatically lessened.


Not only are toxins altering our DNA, but so is EMF and all the frequencies we are bombarded with on a daily basis. Research verifies this fact as well as the fact that DNA of bacteria and other pathogens are also altered due to frequencies. We don't need to fear weaponization of viruses, our lifestyle is doing this on its own.


Still, I believe there is lots of reason for hope. I believe hope has come to us in the form of ORMUS that has returned to modern reality for a reason, and that reason is because we need it. I sense that ORMUS has the potential to hit the reset button but this may not happen so easily with adults as it does with children and unborn children. Again, the best people to direct this information to are those of child-bearing age for they are the future.


I am also a big believer in the power of Mother Nature and as such I believe the intimate relationship between humans and plants needs to be regained, and that plants still hold power to protect and heal us. In the changing climate that I have suggested above, one might think that the value of plants begin to diminish as our DNA is altered generationally from one birth to another birth. But plants change too, and perhaps in response to our needs.


I say, 'perhaps' but I believe the closeness between humans and plants is so strong that there is a natural communication between species, a communication on the biological level. Our human evolution has been dependant on plants, and vice versa. (as pointed out in the documentary "Botany of Desire")


The concept from Darwin that evolution is a slow process has been found to be false in many cases. I heard on the radio in 1999 about Sudden Oak Death caused by a boring beetle in the bark of the California Shrub Oak. It was predicted that the species would disappear within 10 years. Within that time the oak began creating a chemical that kills the beetle, which it had never before created.


There is another story similar to this one where the species not only created a chemical it had never before created, but it created a NOVEL chemical that has never before been seen! Think of it! We think that only science can invent chemicals, but this obviously isn't true.


I believe the closer we get to plants the better all of us and future generations will be. And I'm not just talking about just herbs, but the food we put into our mouth.


Now, back to the better known contributing factors in cancer.... I won't speak too much about pathogens because there are a ton of protocols available for this. I will say that I've done extensive work in this area and it is far more complicated than most protocols address. Ideally, cleansing pathogens and regaining control of the micro-environment takes years.


Cleansing a LOT at one time causes parasites to release toxins. Addressing just parasites causes the bacteria and viruses that are piggy-backed on them to attack YOU. Cleansing just bacteria and fungus releases viruses that attack YOU. In an herbal sense, viruses are the most difficult pathogens to get rid of than any of the pathogens, which makes some of these approaches dangerous.


The safer way to address these is to have a broad spectrum approach sandwiched between the targeted approach. When you go after something specific, be prepared to clean up the fallout. I make an 'antibiotic' essential oil blend that is broad spectrum and is what I use by putting into empty capsules. For the very ill or young, this EO blend can be made into foot patches that they wear at night. I can forward the method for making these patches if you are interested. After any cleansing campaign there is easily as much or more work to reestablish a good healthy bacterial environment, which is vastly more than just eating yogurt.




The gardening product EM-1 can be used instead of Pro-EM-1. It's cheaper, more effective and is used around the world for human consumption.  I am also a proponent of enemas and implants. Coffee implants are good but so is getting good bacteria into the bowels if there is a need caused by impacted bowels of someone isn't able to hold food down.


With regards to a number of protocols for eliminating pathogens, some are harsh and create oxidation in the body. Some people are better able to deal with oxidative stress than others, so finding the right protocol for you can be a bit challenging. One wants an approach that is effective, but that doesn't diminish one's ability to deal. My basic tenet is to first support before eliminating. Add something to one's daily routine that gives a lot of support (ORMUS, nutrition, supplements, herbs, acupuncture, etc) before doing something that is harsh. This goes for people who choose conventional chemo or radiation therapy.


Even if neither of these conventional therapies are used for cancer, I believe everyone, healthy or afflicted, should be using radio-protective herbs. My personal list is longer than this one, but here is a link that lists some of the herbs known to be radio-protective:


I make teas ($35 for 4 dry cups which makes 192 cups of tea). Every blend I make contain some radio-protective herbs. The blends I have readily available now are: Daily Tonic, Think Well, Be Well (child safe), More Than Masala, Sleep Tight (child safe), Wake Up Bright (child safe).


Another substance that helps protect against the damage of EMF and other radio-frequencies is Melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that is secreted when the sun goes down. It helps us fall to sleep and stay asleep. It's produced from Serotonin and consequently if a person has even slightly depressed tendencies they probably aren't making enough serotonin and then not enough melatonin. Melatonin is inexpensive and can be purchased as a supplement from any health food store or supplement department. People generally take up to 5x the recommended dose and sometimes more.


Getting practical about your living space is extremely important when a person is ill. Give up WiFi and minimize cell phone use. One can even turn off all electricity at night to reduce EMF contamination. Living in apartment complexes is VERY EMF toxic. Move, even temporarily. Shielding is the next best thing but is costly and a huge amount of work.


Dealing with toxins is complicated because once they are processed by the body and sent to the fat cells, they are no longer in the digestive tract and consequently much harder to eliminate. Most toxins that afflict people (and animals) are fat-binding chemicals. When the liver is unable to properly eliminate these toxins they migrate to our fat cells and can cause problems by blocking the cell's ability to take in important fatty acids or the many fat based nutrients and good chemicals.


But even if they sit quietly in the fat cells, when the body goes into stress the fat cells release their bounty as a way to provide extra energy, and now even those 'quiet' toxins wreak their havoc. Stress can be physical as in an auto-accident or injury, a sudden or even slow disease or decline, emotional such as a divorce or death, or pregnancy. Most women who give birth will notice there is a difference in their health when compared to before, during and after pregnancy.


Some women say they feel better after giving birth while others feel worse, and the latter seems more commonplace. So this too is also what happens to people who go through any other type of stress. Some of those toxins that are released will be eliminated through the body, but more likely once they are out of the fat cells they get lodged elsewhere and cause a good deal of problems as they mimic hormones, actually fooling the endocrine system.


I want to mention here that the nature of essential oils also makes them useful in dislodging these chemicals out of the body. They seem to help usher the chemicals or alter them so they are rendered harmless or less harmful, but they do so much more. If a person can stand the strong scents, using essential oils topically seems to be a big support for the body, mind and spirit. I can provide a list of EOs with some of their attributes.


I suggest that the VERY sick stay with EOs known for rejuvenation (class of chemicals called monoterpenes) and not cleansing (phenols). EOs with sesquiterpenes are good too. Baby-safe EOs are a good place to start for many people - Lavender, Tea Tree, Roman Chamomile. Frankincense is great for the brain and mental confusion. Would you like the documents describing these?


Now, there is often a misconception about the role of hormones and just know that there isn't a biological process that doesn't involve hormones of one type or another. They are our body's chemicals.


When I identified markers that seemed to be hormones or even the lack of hormones, I realized that these markers changed when a client started taking an herbal drink of Noni Juice. It began with one women who showed dramatic changes in the energy of her body after starting to consume Noni Juice on a daily basis. She said she had never felt so great. Research into Noni led me to a little known study done in Japan comparing 100 herbs throughout the world known be anti-toxins. Of those herbs Noni proved to be the most effective anti-toxin.


Of course they were using various venoms and plant poisons as the toxic agents, but it is not that hard to extrapolate that if an herb can detoxify a venom that it might be able to detoxify other chemicals. I continued with this research with other people who showed potential for toxic overload or hormonal dysfunction and found they too had similar results.


What I love about Noni is that it is not only safe and effective, but it completely detoxifies the substance without causing any cleansing reaction in the person, or at least minimal cleansing reaction. This is rare. There are 3 stages of the detoxification process and there are MANY things that can achieve stage one which is to dislodge the toxin. From here the toxin must get to an elimination outlet (often accomplished with an agent that can usher the toxin out of the body) and not cause a toxic reaction in the process or be reintroduced back into the body.


Rendering the toxin inert is the most difficult thing to do. Noni, in my experience, does all of these things, but there are other herbs known for their ability to detoxify and some of those are: Grapefruit, Fennel, Juniper, and a whole slew of less common herbs, but most have some limitations involved. Noni is generally sold as a juice and suggested dose is 1 oz per day, but therapeutic dose should be 3-5 times as much. A cheaper dry version is also available and can be added to tea or juice or found in capsule form.


Another important discovery I've made is the power of herbs that have heat-shock proteins. The two herbs I am familiar with are Tumeric and Prickly Pear or Nopals which are the pads of the cactus. Heat Shock Proteins (HSP) are everywhere. They give plants, bacteria, insects, animals and humans the ability to deal with stress. HSP are many and varied and are assigned numbers, so finding an herb that creates a compatible HSP for humans is like finding a hidden treasure. I first discovered these in Prickly Pear.


Of course plants that thrive in the desert or who survive a drought will produce more HSP than other plants. The HSP that the Opuntia Cactus produce is particularly beneficial for people. As our stress (illness) becomes greater than our ability to produce HSP we an supplement by taking Opunitia in any form. The fruit is called Prickly Pear and is made into juice, jam and dried and made into supplements or bulk to be added to food or made into tea.


The pads are called Nopal and canned versions can be found in the Hispanic section of the food market or specialty store, as well as dried and made into capsules or purchased as a bulk product. Fresh fruit and pads can be found at some stores in the late summer and fall (fruit) and spring for the young pads.


Tumeric also produces a HSP but they are a different version. Personally, I don't feel one is a substitute for the other, and both should be taken. Tumeric does so much for the body that its value cannot be underestimated. It is also a radio-protective herb. Tumeric can be found as an essential oil but does turn the skin yellow, so if a person is not able to take it orally as a supplement applying it topically is an option. To write about the virtues of tumeric would add 3 more pages to this document.


I want to mention that I documented the benefits (through his blood tests) of consuming organic Lemon essential oil in empty capsules when my husband went through chemotherapy. This kept his immune system functioning and is very safe regardless of how sick a person is. I also make an immune boosting tea which is very worthy, but one thing does not replace the other thing because they work in different ways.


Another WONDERFUL tool people can use is the Stir Wand in their water. One Stir Wand costs $90 but it lasts a lifetime, and it provides each cell with much needed water. There is thousands of dollars of clinical research behind these tools and of particular interest to people undergoing conventional therapy is how metals are removed from the body of those test subjects. But the benefits don't stop there and I here is the link if you want to see for yourself:


If someone is interested in taking ORMUS but doesn't know what kind to take, the two primary substances with good reputations are wet-method ORMUS and M-3 ORMUS. Generally speaking, wet-method will cost a bit less and is considered the gentler of the two. Taking this product helped my husband's kidneys to continue functioning while he was on Chemotherapy (3+ months) for an aggressive stage 4 bladder cancer.


When cancer returned 14 months later it was M-3 that vanquished the spot on his lungs. One other time when cancer was returning he used a homemade ORMUS wine (2-4 oz per day) that arrested the progression. After a rough two years after chemotherapy, Bill has not had any recurrence now for 6 years. Apparently no one with his type has cancer has lived this long.My husband also has a poor diet, and does very little to improve his health.


While ORMUS and lemon essential oil pulled him through a heavy dose of chemotherapy, it is topical ORMUS (in the form of the creams I make) as well as some teas and lemon and antibiotic essential oils that seems to be sustaining him. Personally, I don't think this is enough but it's his choice.


There are many, many other things a person can use for cancer, and I don't have definitive information on many of these things. I just believe that a person needs to evaluate the drawbacks and take measures to support the body before trying some of those therapies.




Sharon Ingersoll