Blue Rose Essential Oils - Essential Oils A - B


Tester vial - 1/6 dram (approx. 1+ eye droppers full) 

5/8 dram (approx. 3.5 eye droppers full) 

5ml - roughly 1/6 fluid oz. (approx. 5.5-6 eye droppers full) 

15ml - roughly 1/2 fluid ounce 

30 ml - roughly 1 fluid ounce 





All the essential oils available from Blue Rose Oils are of the highest quality, beginning from cultivation, harvesting and distillation. Ninety percent of our oils come from either wild harvest, cultivated with no chemicals or raised organically.  


We feature 5 different distillation processes:  

Steam distillation (most common) 

Expressed or cold pressed (used for citrus oils) 

CO2 extraction (modern method which extracts more than just the volatile oils, and achieves full-bodied oil products) 

Hydro-distilled (ancient, time and labor intensive method that uses slightly lower heat than steam distillation) 

Vacuum distillation (limited use) 



Minimum Order is $10.00.

Prices for larger quantities available on request.