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~ 5ml The Wise Men is an inspired blend of

               Sandalwood, Juniper, Frankincense, Spruce & Myrrh - $24

~ 15ml Frankincense traditional steam distilled - $24 

~ 15ml Frankincense Vacuum Distilled -

                known as The Heart Note of Frankincense - $46

~ 15ml Frankincense CO2 - a luscious full bodied product consisting of

                MORE than just the volatile oils - $46

~ Gift Box of the 3 different Frankincense (above) in 5ml bottles - $46


Buy any three and save 10% on total oil order,

                 plus you can buy Extreme Cream for half price!

2oz Extreme Cream $20 (half price $10)

8oz Extreme Cream $45 (half price $22.50)


INTERNATIONAL ORDERS ARE ALWAYS DISCOUNTED BY 10% to help compensate for shipping charges, but only one discount, the deepest discount, will apply per order.



This time of the season turns our minds to ancient times, values and mysteries. We sense there were jewels of the human spirit within those ancient traditions, and Frankincense is one of the most well known and well accepted gifts from the past that we readily embrace today.


Frankincense is ORMUS in a natural state, but it is much more as well. The essence from the plant has a sense of being sentient in its spiritual influence. It's developed chemicals that respond to brain chemistry which clarify our thoughts and spiritual communication, as well as supporting the physical aspects of the brain. It is, of all the species in the plant kingdom, the one that has captured our spiritual minds and been steadfast and unwavering in its delivery.


The word 'tonic', as used by herbalists, means something that is extremely beneficial without doing harm. Frankincense is tonic for the spirit, mind and brain. If you want more mental clarity, or want to deepen your insights or calm and heal your nervous system, be sure to add Frankincense to your toolbox.


Through the end of January, I'm offering a Fantastic Frankincense and More Sale which includes THREE different Frankincense products and a blend inspired for the season called The Wise Men (sandalwood, juniper, frankincense, spruce & myrrh). I'll speak more about this inspired blend in a bit, but let me stay on point with Frankincense first.


The most applauded Frankincense species is Boswellia Carterii. There are other wonderful Frankincense species, and they're good, but they aren't carterii. The absolute best carterii grows in a certain region of the Arab state of Oman, but I haven't seen any Oman Frankincense available for nearly a decade due to the war. The carterii Frankincense I have is coming from Somalia. This region produces excellent Frankincense but there is more to the quality of the oil than just WHAT SPECIES is used and WHERE the plant grows. There is also the handling and distillation of the product that can either uplift or deter the quality of the essence.


I am offering THREE different Frankincense Oils coming from different distillation processes. The modern traditional distillation is steam distillation. Essential oils begin vaporizing at 140 degrees F (60 C.). An increase of even 2 degrees can destroy some delicate chemicals, so temperature control is critical. This distillation process is non-toxic and is an affordable method of extraction for most essential oils.


CO2 extraction is a non-heat process that extracts a product that is technically not an essential oil. It produces a rich, emollient extraction that is full bodied and contains more than just the volatile (essential) oils. Non-volatile chemicals are also extracted through this non-toxic method and what's more there is no loss of delicate chemicals as happens with heat distillation processes. This process is used for food products and can extract nutrients without compromising them. With regards to CO2 Frankincense, it's a mixture of complexity yet it delivers a delicate heavenly scent. The emollient quality of this oil appeals to direct skin application in a most welcoming way.


Vacuum distillation is new to me and turns many of my beliefs about advantage of chemical complexity in aromas up on its head. Here is a completely non-toxic method of distillation that DOESN'T strive to capture the full array of volatile oils as other distillation processes do. Instead, this method captures the most delicate chemicals, the ones that might otherwise be compromised or destroyed with heat. Rose is an example of having a volatile oil that is destroyed through the steam distillation process. The scent that is lost is the calling-card scent of rose.... that smell that defines to the nose that we are indeed smelling nothing other than rose. This signature scent is too delicate to extract through steam and is one reason rose absolute is popular, though I prefer CO2 rose....


Vacuum distilled essential oils may not smell just like their counter-part steam distilled extractions, but they're known to bring out the 'heart' of the botanical. This vacuum distilled Frankincense is known as the Heart Note of Frankincense. To me it smells a bit smoky, and reminiscent of Cedarwood that mellows into a provocative Frankincense on application. The first time I put it on my brain stem I could feel its excellence melding into my nervous system and I became an instant fan of this oil. I think you'll like it too.


The Wise Men blend deserves a salute. These traditional scents of Sandalwood, Juniper, Frankincense, Spruce and Myrrh are brought together by the inspiration of Young Living's Three Wise Men blend, that sells for quite a bit more. I was recently asked if I could create a version of the Young Living blend and was delighted with the outcome, so I'm offering it here for others to enjoy, at an affordable price yet with the highest standards in mind. It is a hymnal of scent.


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