Number 9 Blend 

#9 Blend was named because nine is a number of completion and reflects traits of all other numbers. This scent is an androgynous smelling blend - slightly sweet, balsamic scent and a good blend for nearly any use.


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5/8 dram =

5 ml =

15ml =



Celery CO2, organic - Analogue of two human hormones, a male pheromone and oxytocin, the 'cuddly' hormone. Excellent for kidneys and as an aphrodisiac. Warms the mood.


Mace, organic - anti-inflammatory, VERY calming on the nervous system. Also regarded as an aphrodisiac.


Frankincense, Boswellia carterii CO2 - This is the highest frequency Frankincense available. It's spiritual reputation is well regarded, and it's notoriety as a chemotherapy preventative is well documented. 


Myrrh CO2 - Another highly respected essence, strong spiritual reputation and proven anti-microbial / fungal properties. Rejuvenating on skin.


Himalayan Cedar - Grows in ideal ORMUS rich environment and this essence offers exceptional physical healing and spiritual empowerment.


Maritime Pine - A primary source of Pycnogenol, an exceptional antioxidant and documented source for natural ORMUS. Opens the mind and great on skin.


High Grade Sandalwood (ethically and legally harvested)  – The understandable intense popularity of Sandalwood caused it to become over-harvested so that current harvest practices are either controlled or banned in many countries. Thoroughly wondrous essence, rich in historical & spiritual tradition and studied for its antimicrobial properties. Use for skin application is well documented.


Rosewood - It smells more like a flower than a wood, and yet it has all the exceptional attributes of most wood essences, one of which is that it's great on skin.


Rose Otto, organic CO2 - The highest vibrational floral oil there is, vastly spiritual yet powerfully physical. Excellent for all types of skin. One of the most expensive essential oils around. The CO2 distillation versions of essential oils brings out delicate fullness of the plant that steam distillation destroys.


Petitigrain & Neroli, organic - This particular oil is no longer available, yet I brought it to this blend because of the fresh essence of citrus leaves (petitgrain) it gives along with the spring scent of orange blossoms within a single distillation. Cleansing & clarifying on the skin.