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Regardless whether you have any interest in essential oils, you want to listen to this call to gain a wider appreciation of citrus and learn why it should be an important part of your diet. One key point: I’ll make an important distinction between vitamin C which is a water-based nutrient found primarily in the flesh, and flavonoids which are fat-based nutrients found in abundance in the peel along with the essential oils.

I’m very excited about this call. It’s lush with valuable information on health support for every body – young, old, infirmed or not. Also, for anyone who consumes essential oils or thinks they may one day consider doing so, you want to hear this teleseminar. Citrus should be the foundation. It is the foundation for the tonics I make and I’ll talk more about this on the call.

Outside of Asian cultures, the acclaim of citrus in history is relatively new. It took thousands of years of cultivation to arrive at the traditional citrus family we’ve come to know. In history, citrus was never considered a source for the Elixir of Life, as were so many of the exotic spices, and thus it took a long time for it to find a place in western culture. Outside of its extensive use in Chinese Medicine, prior to 200 years ago, its highest regard throughout much of the world was in regards to the fragrant blossoms and as an ornamental evergreen shrub. Back then, citrus fruit was not anything easily consumed. The shrubs had lethal spines and the fruit was knobby and hard. The taste was extremely bitter with minimal flesh. It took thousands of years of cultivation to achieve the variety of fruit we come to think of as belonging on our dining tables, fruit baskets, lunch boxes and as a beverage and garnish.

It’s only been in the last 200 years that some of the wonders of citrus began to be recognized by modern civilization. I look forward to sharing some of the wealth of this terrific information with you.

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February 2011 call   topic is
"The Blessings of Citrus"


Here are a few of the things that will be included on this  call:
* We will cover some 'fun facts' about CITRUS, such as the 'secret ingredients' in the original Coca-Cola recipe; and the oldest fruit bearing CITRUS tree in the world; and the place CITRUS has in the perfume industry - both historical and contemporary; how to use CITRUS in cleaning and as a degreasing or degumming agent; as well as the aphrodisiac qualities of CITRUS (carried over from last month); and my personal favorite: the anti-depressant qualities of CITRUS (I call it the happy fruit).


* With few exceptions, CITRUS is completely non-toxic - safe for children, pregnant women, elderly and the infirmed.
* Most CITRUS essential oils are made from the rind of the fruit (exceptions are EOs made from leaves and those made from flowers). The rind consists mostly of bioflavenoids - substances that carry a great deal of benefits for the human body. 


* The flavonoids in CITRUS are powerful immune enhancers, anti-inflammatory agents, strong anti-oxidant function, and anti-pathogenic activity. 


* There are over 6,000 flavonoid-like substances in the plant kingdom, and some of the most researched of these are found in various CITRUS. 


* Research has found that:
      -  These flavonoids have 'chemo-preventative' potential (the new word used instead of 'anti-cancer' or 'cancer cure').
      - Flavonoids have anti-viral capacity as discovered in researching the HIV virus.  
      -  T-cells, B-cells, NK cells, and Mast Cells behave differently in the presence of flavonoids.
      -  CITRUS is generally considered to provide weight loss benefit, detoxify cells and liver, cleansing for liver and generally for the body.